After clipping through the floor chasing a magic yarn ball, our cat hero find itself traveling between dimensions!

Who knows what will happen once all 7 magic yarns are collected? Try to find out!

*Download the Windows build for the game for maximum stability*


W, A - Move character.

Left, Right Arrow - Rotate the world.

The game is a submission to Concordia Game Jam 2023  and was made within 48 hours

Theme: The Space Between

Theme Modifiers: 

  • [A Thousand Words]
  • [One Must Imagine Sisyphus Happy]
  • [Furry Kingdom] 
  • [Sweet, Soothing Tone] (the meow)


Jiarui (Ray) - Programming, Game Design -

Tales - Programming, Game Design - 

Zi Di - Music, Game Design, Programming -

Daniel - UI, 2D Character Sprites -

Leander - Background Art - [link]

[Asset used: Toon Cat Free]


All 2D Art and Music are original


Download 67 MB